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Dr. Brady is named a "Dr. Oz Expert!"
See his first Dr. Oz Blog feature: Do You Really Have Fibromyalgia

Dr. Brady’s New Book, The Fibro Fix, is now available for order through...


A groundbreaking guide to resolving fibromyalgia, and uncovering the mystery behind chronic pain and fatigue.
Chronic pain affects nearly 100 million Americans. Ongoing fatigue affects even more. The combination of fatigue and body-wide chronic pain, often called “fibromyalgia”, remains mysterious and confusing. An alarming 66% rate of those sufferers are misdiagnosed. Leading naturopathic medical doctor and nutritionist David Brady is here with the answer in his comprehensive book The Fibro Fix. For more than twenty-three years, Dr. Brady has treated many thousands of patients seeking relief for what they consider a mystery illness—chronic global pain—and has devised a protocol to help patients determine if in fact, they are suffering from fibromyalgia— or from one of the several syndromes commonly misdiagnosed as fibromyalgia. To learn more about the book visit


The Fibro Fix Summit!

This online event, hosted by Dr. Brady, served as public health awareness campaign and global outreach to educate the world about fibromyalgia and all of the disorders that are often diagnosed as fibromyalgia, taught by experts in the fields of research, medicine, and science.

 The Fibro-Fix Summit features 30+ experts covering the topics of:

  • Global Pain and Fatigue Syndromes: Will the real Fibromyalgia Please Stand Up
  • Common Fibromyalgia Masqueraders: All the Stuff Called Fibromyalgia thats not
  • Hormonal-Brain-Neurotransmitter Axis and Fibromyalgia
  • Anxiety, Depression, and Sleep Disorders in Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain
  • Healing Fibromyalgia Through the Gut: The Importance of The GI Microbiome
  • The Role of Stress and Early Life Trauma and Abuse in Fibromyalgia
  • Action Steps to Recover, Self-Treatment, and Becoming Your Best Health Advocate
  • Natural and Prescription Options in Managing Chronic Pain and Fatigue
  • Diet and Lifestyle Approaches Proven to Work in Fibromyalgia and Associated Disorders
  • And many more!

Access NOW!


Dr. Brady helps to develop cutting-edge new medical test

Dr. Brady worked with Diagnostic Solutions Laboratory to develop and launch the first DNA/PCR molecular assay for GI pathogens performed on stool using an FDA-approved platform and methodology, the GI Microbial Assay Plus (GI-MAP). The pathogen targets include bacteria, parasites and another first for the market, viruses! This will help integrative and functional medicine physicians and providers determine the status of the gastrointestinal environment, which is critical in understanding why a patient may be experiencing various chronic conditions, with a particular eye towards autoimmune disorders. Learn more about the connection between GI health and autoimmune disease.



Dr. David Brady served as conference chair for the inaugural Clinically Applied Scientific Insights Conference (CASI-CON) in New York City on November 13-14th, 2015. He did so again for CASI-CON 2017 in San Francisco, CA on March 17-18th. The 2017 conference again featured an internationally-renowned cast of presenters including one of Dr. Brady's primary mentors, Jeffrey Bland, Ph.D., as the Keynote speaker. The conference content will again be used to add to the online knowledge transfer site for the lifestyle, integrative and functional medicine community. The conference will continue to be held annually and content from each year will be added to the previous to develop a library of experts providing the latest approaches in the field, all delivered through an engaging live-captured streaming video format. See the complete list of speakers and learn more at Learn about Dr. Brady's other appearances HERE.


Dr. Brady Contributes to Important New Medical Textbooks

Dr. Brady is a featured contributing author in a newly released medical textbook which is edited by Ingrid Kohlstadt, MD, MPH, of Johns Hopkins University. According to Dr. Brady, “I had the pleasure to serve as lead author for the chapter on Fibromyalgia, along with my co-authors Jacob Teitelbaum, MD (NY Times bestselling author of the Fatigued to Fantastic books and Chief Medical Officer of Fibromyalgia and Fatigue Centers of America) and Alan Weiss, MD (Annapolis Integrative Medicine Center). A lot of work finally seen in print is satisfying. I hope it helps medical students and practitioners understand new ways to help patients in need.” For more information


Dr. Brady contributed two chapters to the new book Integrative Gastroenterology by Gerard E. Mullin, M.D. from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. In this volume, an international panel of leading experts provides a wealth of information for health care practitioners and consumers on the rationale, methods, modalities, and efficacy of integrative solutions for gastrointestinal disorders. Coverage includes a diverse range of treatment methods, such as meditation, massage, yoga, supplements, special diets, energy medicine, homeopathy, and acupuncture, as well as a special section devoted to mind-body medicine in digestive health and disease. In discussing unconventional treatments, the authors address many of the controversies that surround the remedies.