Herbal Medicine

Lung Health, Your Immune System and the Wrath of Winter

How to stay healthy and vibrant through the holiday season The cold, dry air of the winter months mingles with seasonal infections and molds to create a perfect storm that inflicts many with annoying lung conditions. From chronic, dry coughs to…

Bowl of pears

Peering into the World of Pears

Apples probably come to mind first when you think of fall fruit. With orchards offering “pick your own” days, and hot apple cider and spiced cider donuts gracing restaurant menus and curbside food trucks in autumn, apples do seem to have the market…

Woman exercising

Women and Bone Health, what Basics do You Need to Know?

Women often start to pay attention to the health of their bones around the onset of menopause, when there is a relative decline in estrogen production. But what does the hormone estrogen have to do with bones? Estrogen is actually necessary in order…


Are You using an Inferior Probiotic in a Standard Capsule?

The scientific evidence is compelling and clear that probiotics are one of the most important daily supplements to add to your wellness program. Some factors that increase the need for probiotics are: Pasteurization of foods and decreased…

Lemon Balm

When Life Gives You Lemons, Take Lemon Balm

In the 21st century, the hallmarks of American childhood no longer revolve around apple pie, homemade meals, and songs like “Take Me Out to the Ball Game.” Instead, children’s lives are characterized by the consumption of fast food, innovative…

Healthy Vegetables

Eating Seasonally, a Simple Strategy for Year-Round Health

After a winter of consuming heavier meat dishes—hearty stews, pot roasts, and other nourishing meals that warm you from the inside out—do you feel like you need a detox or juice cleanse come spring? While there’s nothing wrong with giving your body…

Healthy meal

The Adrenals, the Missing Link Part 2

As we discussed in a previous blog on the adrenal glands, stress can elicit the fight-flight response in our bodies, which is designed to propel us into action. However, if that response is not properly exercised, a “defeat response” can take place.…

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera, Beyond Sunburns

The aloe vera plant is a striking specimen that resembles a cactus with its thorny, fleshy leaves.  It grows best in dry climates and is known to flourish in the arid regions of Africa, Asia, Europe, America, and some parts of India. The word “aloe”…

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